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We Have Almost Varieties Of Basmati Rice.

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Rice, a staple in any kitchen, is an important part of diet world around. India produces some of the best quality rice in the world. Each type of rice has its own texture, color, taste and unique property. India is among the leading rice producers in the world and stand at 2nd position in the world.
Rice is an important commodity which is being exported to different countries. India is mainly exporting rice into two categories such as Basmati Rice and Non-Basmati Rice.
We are expertise in supplying and exporting of basmati rice. Basmati rice is a long grain aromatic rice and also called as the scented pearl from India as it is the king of all types of rice in the world.
We offer a wide variety of rice which include Traditional basmati rice, 1121 Basmati rice, Sugandha basmati rice, Sharbati rice, 1509 basmati rice, PR 11 rice and many more.

The sanskriti multinational provide all the four type of rice preparation that is Raw, Parboiled (Sella), Steamed and brown rice.

The sanskriti multinational provide the purist of the qualities and also test the cooking of all basmati rice before providing it to the customer so that they can achieve the 100% satisfaction which is really required in business.



This is long grain aromatic rice long slender grains that elongate at least twice of their original size with a characteristics soft and fluffy texture upon cooking, delicious taste, superior aroma and distinct flavour.

Rice Category

We have almost all type of rice in below Category , proper specification will be provided as per your requirement

  • Pusa White Sella Rice
  • Pusa Golden Sella
  • Pusa White Steam
  • Sugandha White Sella Rice
  • Sugandha & Golden Sella Rice
  • Sugandha White Steam
  • Sharbati Rice
  • Traditional Basmati Rice
  • 1121 White Sella Rice
  • 1121 Golden Sella
  • 1121 White Steam
  • 1509 White Sella Rice
  • 1509 Golden Sella
  • 1509 White Steam

Specifications for Indian Rice - Basmati of different varities:

Length 8.4 MM 8.4 MM 7.8 MM 7.5 MM 7.20 MM
Moisture 12% MAX 12% MAX 12% MAX 12% MAX 12% MAX
Damage & Discoloured 0.5% MAX 0.5% MAX 0.5% MAX 0.5% MAX 0.5% MAX
Broken 0.5% MAX 0.5% MAX 0.5% MAX 0.5% MAX 0.5% MAX
Puriety of Rice 92% 92% 92% 92% 92%

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