CountryFenugreek Seeds Name
ItalianFieno Greco
ChineseK’u – Tou
Product NameFenugreek Seeds
TypeSortex Cleaned/ Machine Cleaned
Purity99.5% / 99% / 98%
Total Ash9.5% Max
Acid Insoluble Ash1.25% Max
FlavorAromatic Sweet
Moisture6% Max
SalmonellaAbsent / 25 Gms

Fenugreek seeds are important ingredient in some curries and chutneys and the fenugreek extract is used to make imitation maple syrup. Because of its high nutritive contents, fenugreek is an important ingredient in vegetable and dhal dishes eaten in India. In India, young fenugreek plants are used as a pot herb. The leaves are widely used, fresh or dried, in Indian cooking and are often combined with vegetables. Fenugreek seeds are used in a wide range of home-made or commercial curry powders. In northern Africa the fenugreek plants are used for fodder.

Fenugreek should be treated as a hardy annual. Seed in early November in light, well- drained soil. Trials conducted at the University of Saskatchewan showed that a density of about 18 plants per meter of row resulted in reasonable yields. Seeding rates range from 24 to 37 lb/ac (27 – 40 kg/ha). Seed will germinate in 2 days and emerge in 7 days when seeded 0.8 to 1.6 in (2 – 4 cm) deep. Seed is harvested in a manner similar to alfalfa seed. The plants can be left in the field until dry- down, usually after a severe frost, and then direct combined.